July Golf Report

I almost took the month off from golf, but was coaxed into a match on a hot afternoon in Hanoi. And I’m glad I took part in that skins game. It only took me a few holes to get warmed up and then I started winning skin after skin. 

To go undefeated in July after such a disastrous June was an inimitable comeback. There wasn’t time to celebrate properly at Hanoi. So I celebrated this undefeated month, then, at a Nepalese restaurant in Japan, with an egg curry, at its highest possible level of spiciness, soaked up with two rather massive pieces of naan

I won’t have time for flânerie in August, with multiple matches already set across the archipelagoes of East Asia. I’ll be playing with just a half set in August, relying on a strong mental approach to raise my game to the necessary standard. My clubs have been sent ahead of me to Hyogo-ken, where I’ll play a match this very week. 

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