March Golf Report

After I started the year without a loss in January or February, my mind was not entirely free of some hopes that the entire year may progress in such an undefeated manner. When I birdied my 15th hole of the year (above), not only was I surprised that it had taken so long for that elusive birdie, but I also had some hope of continuing my undefeated streak. Alas, it was not to be, and I finished second in this high-stakes skins game at Hanoi. Later that day, I would go undefeated at rock-paper-scissors.

My second match of the month was at Bangkok. But just as our group reached the 17th hole, a challenging par 3, the course was closed due to the start of a racing meet. Once the horses were on the track, I was obliged to abandon the match and repair to the pavilion for some well-placed bets that would have me walking away from the track with a few thousand baht in my pocket.

Technically, however, I seem to have lost that match 6&4, so our inability to play the 17th is somewhat irrelevant, as is my prowess at picking winning horses. My record for the month then may be 0-1, or 0-1-1, or 0-2, depending on how one counts, and I clearly have a lot of work to do if I am to recover my form. 

I’ve thus taken to work, with assiduity, playing at being a scientist, taking notes on grasses and their performance as a sporting surface, and am preparing for a prestigious invitational tournament in June. 

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