June Golf Report

I find myself wanting to call this the June Hotel Report rather than the June Golf Report. Losing a match last Friday at New South Wales GC after being 3-up on the 10th tee makes hotels a much more attractive topic. More about that later.

I went to Australia early this month carrying an 0-2-1 record after three disastrous matches at Thailand. Things picked up as I played a scramble with this group of fine golfers in which we made eight birdies in a howling gale at Adelaide Shores. I then moved my record to 2-2-1 for the month at Glenelg GC by winning two matches simultaneously. At that time, all was right with the world, and I celebrated (too soon, in retrospect) with a tour of the Barossa Valley, planking at Jacob’s Creek, and a dark and stormy night. 

I moved on to Victoria, losing a match a Victoria GC, winning at Royal Melbourne GC, bringing my clubs to salubrious places, and standing then with a match record of 3-3-1.

But alas. Umm. I struggle for words. Bringing my clubs to salubrious places doesn’t work so well when I can’t get the ball in the hole. For I proceeded to lose my next match, won two matches simultaneously at Sydney in a team game (but those are not official victories), and then suffered the epic collapse at New South Wales GC. My record in individual matches thus fell to three victories against five shocking losses and an equally shocking draw. 

Now for a less painful topic. I’m listing my five favorite hotels of June. 

  1. The Sebel Playford, Adelaide. When I entered the room, I didn’t see a bed. Turns out it was upstairs. I wish more hotel rooms were on two levels with a grand staircase. 
  2. Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney. Boasting Sydney’s biggest beer garden. 
  3. Kata Beach Studio, Phuket. I like writing holidays at Phuket. I like rooftop swimming pools. And I like Kata Beach Studio.
  4. Kempinski Hotel Suzhou. Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth
  5. The Banyan Resort, Hua Hin. I went undefeated at swimming in June.

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